About Us

We have moved from our location North Council in Oklahoma City. Call us at 405-563-0414 to discuss your tutoring needs.

Dr. Brian Perryman, Ed.D. started offering tutoring services in 1989 for all students regardless of age, grade or subject matter. Students from age 4 to 74 have taken advantage of our tutoring services. In 2016, Sharon Ratliff was hired as the Director of Tutoring and Assessment. Ms. Ratliff interacts directly with parents and student matching the student to the tutor. Ms. Ratliff also directs all the assessment activities and develops a customized a learning program for each student.

Meet the Business Owner
Dr. Brian Perryman, Ed.D. started tutoring in the 1980’s and in response to increased demand in 2014 decided to the 9109 N. Council location and hire more tutors.

Dr. Perryman has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma, an MBA from Oklahoma City University and a Doctorate in Aviation and Space Education from Oklahoma State University.  Dr. Perryman started teaching at the collegiate level in 1989 and continues to teach courses for several schools in both online and in the classroom.

Dr. Perryman (aka “the professor”) enjoys teaching and works to adapt each tutoring session to include all learning styles. With some thought all lessons are made to the (1) Somatic or Tactile learners, those needing to touch something in the process, (2) Auditory learners, those needing to hear the material, (3) Visual learners, those needing to see the material, and (4) Intellectual learners, those who need to use some critical thinking skills to understand the concepts.

The Professor Tutoring

We offer one on one tutoring for all ages and all grades. Pre-k through 12th grade and College. We cover all subjects though most of our students concentrate on math and reading.

Tutoring Ages and Grades
Adults – Corporate Training any business topic

Tutoring Ages and Grades
Adults – Oklahoma Real Estate Licensing Exam Tutoring

Tutoring Ages and Grades
All Ages (4-99) and All Grades (k-12 & College).

Tutoring Times and Days:
Before or After School, During the Day (good for home-schoolers), Typically Mon – Fri Weekends by Appointment.

Tutoring Subjects
All Subjects (pre-k through highschool and college courses. Additionally GED, ACT, SAT, GRE Prep, computers, Adult Basic Education and Literacy.
Tutoring Delivery Options: In Person or Online, We offer One-on-One or Small Group.