Corporate Training

Dr. Perryman started teaching at the collegiate level business course in 1989. Dr. Perryman is former chapter President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter of ATD – Association for Talent Development formerly known as the American Society for Training and Development. Dr. Perryman has conducted hundred of employee development sessions on a plethora of topics. Clients have ranged from small companies with 10 employees up to branch and regional offices of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

A brief list of topics available:

Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Human Relations
Stress Management
Brain Storming
and many more.

Dr. Perryman also offers “Buy the Book” aka “By the Book”. CEO’s select a book they like and endorse and a training session is delivered around the key points of the book. The leader writes a personal note to each employee stating how they liked the book and hope that the employee likes it as well as they feel that some of the concepts in the book could have an impact on the organization.